Janatics Pneumatics

The range of Janatics Pneumatics have several components and parts such as valves, lubricator, tube and others. These can function extremely well. These enable a controlled flow of air as well as free flow in the other direction. Also, they can control the pace of the pneumatic cylinder. These allow for fine adjustment and control over the air pressure. They cannot exceed the highest operating pressures. Janatics Pneumatics also assist in reducing the internal friction in tools. They are demanded in several industries for controlling the machines and enable a goof flow of liquids or gases.
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Janatics Solenoid Valve

Price: 250.00 INR
  • Type:Control
  • Media:Water
  • Pressure:Medium Pressure
  • Power:Electrical
  • Working Presssure:High Pressure
  • Temperature:High Temperature
  • Electrical Entry:Automatic
  • Material:Brass

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